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Sleep Apnea

For our patients that snore or have trouble sleeping, we have an integrated sleep program to coordinate with your family physician.

Most dental patients who have symptoms of sleep disordered breathing (snoring) are improved by a Mandibular Advancement Splint. This oral device is comfortable and advances the lower jaw forward to improve the airway and decrease snoring.

We have the ARES Home Sleep Test available to titrate patients to the optimum level for improving symptoms of sleep disordered breathing. The test results are reveiwed by a sleep physician. All results are forwarded to your personal physician for follow-up care.

Dr. Debbie has received advanced training in the DNA Appliance which permanently improves jaw relations. It minimizes oral problems associated with sleep apnea. This technique is best suited to patients with T.M.J. disorders or patients who need slight orthodontic movement due to crowding.

Somnomed Snore Guards


DNA Appliance


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